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Gmail will stop working on older versions of Google Chrome.

The auto-update mechanism in Chrome is a genius feature that guarantees you are always on the latest version. There are always reasons why people and organizations can’t or don’t upgrade, but to provide further encouragement, Google took the time to announc that Gmail will stop working on Chrome 53 and lower by the end of this year.


Google released Chrome 55 in December, which includes several important security updates. Those using Gmail on older versions of the browser are “more vulnerable to security risks and users will not have access to new features and bugfixes.”

Starting next week, users with older versions will see a banner at the top of Gmail encouraging them to update.

Chrome Browser version 53 and below are vulnerable to security risks because Microsoft has discontinued their operating system support for Windows XP and Vista. “Gmail users that are still on Windows XP and Windows Vista are the most likely to be affected, because v49 was the last released version which supported those operating systems. As previously announced in April 2015 and November 2015, these systems are no longer maintained by Microsoft, and we strongly encourage you to migrate to more secure and supported systems,” mentions Google on its blog.

Those who are still using Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems are advised to upgrade to a newer operating system. Installing third-party browsers to access your Gmail account could be possible, but there is no surety on the safety of your account. It is advised that you upgrade immediately. The company is mandating that users be at least on Chrome 54 in order to continue getting full access to all of Gmail’s features. By the end of the year, Gmail on Chrome 53 and below will be directed to the HTML5 version or have the site stop working entirely.

Google’s early announcement of this deprecation is specifically aimed at those users due to the “expected impact on Windows XP and Windows Vista users and known security risks.”


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