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Q: Why do you keep recommending I build a computer?

A: The simple answer is you can save money on each of the components inside the machine. Big Name computers are usually equipped with the name brand parts that are only attractive to the users because of their recognition not because they are getting a bang for their buck. People are comfortable in buying something that they have heard of before instead of what they really need.

Q: If I build a machine will have I have to upgrade?

A: The better question is can you upgrade. YES you can! Sometimes we think 12GB of memory is enough and quickly realize that it isn’t.

Q: Will I have to worry about the machine overheating?
A: Not if I build it. I use a ridiculous amount of fans to protect from such things. Now granted you can abuse your machine by not cleaning out the dust / pet dander or even smoking in the same area with your computer but for the most part it will suffice.

Q: Every time I get a new computer it has all this crap on it that I will never use. Are you going to install that crap too?
A: What that is called in the tech world is bloatware and no, I hate that crap as much as you do and would never install it. You will get a fresh install of the requested operating system and only the programs that you desire.

Q: Will I get a warranty?

A: Absolutely! What is really cool about a custom build is you get better warranties. Each component will hold its own manufactures warranty, like this hard drive might have 3 years and this memory might have 2 years.

Best of Lakeland - 2020 - Your Electronic Specialist
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Best of Lakeland - 2020 - Your Electronic Specialist

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Y.E.S. provides a broad range of information technology services to customers. Founded in 1982, we provide a full range of technology to meet any of your needs. Y.E.S. does not limit our abilities, we have been certified to service, repair and maintain Microsoft & Apple products since 1985. We also participate in the continuing education to better serve our customers.

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Repair your broken computer or laptop, fix your network problems, backup & restore your data, add security to your systems, take care of those pesky updates, save you from the blue/ white/black screen of death. From cracked screens and viruses to computer training! Y.E.S.

We are one of the only I.T. computer repair companies who are available to pick up your equipment, remote in from anywhere that has an internet connection, and has an office that you can visit for drop-offs and pick-ups.

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