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Ready to convert those old VHS into mp4 Files?

Q: I have a ton of family videos, how do I view them since I no longer have a VHS player.

A: I can convert them to a .mp4 and even upload it to your personal YouTube channel (private of course).

Q: Where can I save them once you convert them?

A: That’s totally up to you. I will initially save them on an external drive so you can copy them and share them with family. If you are using a cloud backup you can save it there. examples would be iCloud, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.

Q: Can I convert these videos myself?

A: Of course you can. You just need a USB to composite video converter, VHS player and a computer. However we have found that these memories are very sentimental and it’s easier to allow someone who has all the tools to preform such tasks.

Best of Lakeland - 2020 - Your Electronic Specialist
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Best of Lakeland - 2020 - Your Electronic Specialist

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